Gun dog


Our Gun Dog program lasts approximately 4 months. If having a confident hunting companion is your goal, Macomo Kennels will accomplish the following with your retriever:

  • Basic Obedience, Collar Conditioning, Force Fetch, and Delivery to Hand

  • Steady to Shot

  • Live Flyer Marks




If your goal is to participate in all levels of AKC and UKC Hunt Tests or Field Trials, this program will lay the foundation for a confident, competitive retriever. We will also invest time into you, the handler, to approach the line with the confidence and know-how it takes to get through the test. Areas we cover include but are not limited to:

  • Basic Obedience, Collar Conditioning, Force Fetch and Delivery to Hand

  • Steady to Shot

  • Walk up's (Simulated Jump-Shooting)

  • Honoring (Sharing Tasks with other Dogs)

  • Blinds (Handling a Dog to a Bird they didn't see Fall)

  • Diversions

  • Live Flyer Marks

**Professional Handling in Tests and Trials available. Contact for Details.

**Winter Training Trip from approx. JAN 1 - APRIL 15 every year in Texas. Contact for Details. 

**Tune-Up Program: MK offers a personalized tune-up program for the experienced gun dog and/or previously trained retriever that needs some skill sharpening before the hunting season, competitive event, or any time in between. Inquire for more details. 

**Force-Fetch Program: For those who desire to train their dogs themselves primarily, let MK help by getting your dog through the force-fetch process. Inquire for more details.