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to the rescue

At Macomo Kennels, LLC, we have a heart for rescue dogs and applaud every person who saves a rescue dog through adoption. Many of the dogs that come to rescue shelters have been through hard times. A new environment can add to their anxiety as well. Giving a dog that’s been through hell a comfortable bed, getting them off the hard floor, is a wonderful blessing. Many rescue shelters are non-profit and rely on volunteers and donations to help keep their centers running as budgets are tight. It’s important that a center focus its funds on finding homes for these pets – instead of any grim alternative.

While we currently offer a discount to all rescue shelters, it is often times not enough. That is why we are asking all those who have a heart for rescue animals to please help us in brightening a dog’s day by donating to our cause. 

Click Here: Macomo Dog Beds to the Rescue.

Please comment with the name of the shelter you wish to sponsor with Macomo Dog Beds. We’ll contact the shelter and if they are in need, we’ll calculate how much it would cost to supply them with beds and add them to the list below. Sponsored shelters will be handled on a “first come, first serve” basis. As each goal is met, Macomo Kennels will deliver the beds and announce the contribution.

rescue dog assessment

Adopting a pet should not be a scary experience. You have the right to have insight and perspective into dogs' behavior before introducing them into your family and home.

Let us hopefully be the first to thank you for opening your home and hearts to pets whose futures were otherwise uncertain.

We at Macomo Kennels understand how nerve racking it can be adopting a shelter dog - especially those rescue dogs whose pasts are sometimes unknown. Team MK wants to help you in this endeavor by offering our 1 week Rescue Dog Assessment Program.


our program

  • INSIGHT: We can provide you an assessment of your new family member's attitude towards other dogs and children - a very important piece of information that could help you avoid serious issues in the future. 
  • FEED TRANSITION: This is often the most overlooked item in the hectic adoption process of new pets. It's no secret, Rescue Shelters may not be answering your dogs needs in terms of kibble. Team MK will not only recommend the right feed and feed schedule, but will also transition the dog correctly to the new feed. Adverse behavior afflicts humans when improperly dieted, what makes us think dogs aren't also affected?
  • EXERCISE PLAN: Team MK has a lot of experience getting dogs into optimal condition. Just like you, when dog feels good, they behave better and are more enjoyable. We will develop a fair exercise plan and provide you a detailed itinerary for getting your dog in their best condition!
  • FAIR PRICE: Our Rescue Dog Program is an on-site, 1 week stay for $140 (not including price of new feed).