"Puppy Imprinting is the most important aspect in the development of a retriever - and the most over-looked and under estimated."



  • Preparation for the future rigors of retriever training and hunting.

  • Owner Friendly: Who wants to buy a pup and never see it? We encourage your attendance and participation and will even work with you to schedule time during training to have the pup home! The best of both worlds.

  • Socialization: There is quite possibly a no more important task for your new puppy than proper socialization with people, birds, and different environments. Every now and again isn't enough.

  • Fair Price: Includes boarding, training, feeding, K9 Thrive, and birds.

    • 2 Months Old - 3 Months Old: $300 Per Month

    • 3 Months Old - 4 Months Old: $400 Per Month

    • 4 Months Old - 5 Months Old : $450 Per Month

    • 5 Months Old - 6 Months Old (Or Until Transition To Basics Program): $500