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Macomo's Wanna Be A Wise Guy "Pal"

15-Month-Old YLM Available

As of 5/26/18 - four AKC Senior passes under his belt 

Contact Us for more information 


2018 Macomo Pups


Macomo's Cheerleaders' Heart Throb (Captain) - BLM Currently in Puppy Imprinting

Macomo's Maestro's Crescendo (Arty) - CLM Currently in Puppy Imprinting

Macomo's Mickey's Tubby Girlfriend Wears Pink (Minnie) - BLF Joining us August 2018


2017 Macomo Pups


Macomo's Queen of Fall SH (Queen) - owned by John and Heather S. - Received her AKC SH Title at 14 Months Old

Macomo's King of Fall (King) - owned by Todd S. 

Macomo's Wanna' Be a Wise Guy (Pal) - YLM available - Contact Us!