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K9 Thrive is a daily-use, canine-specific probiotic. This special blend of bacteria and enzymes promotes your dog's overall health and endurance. Adding K9 Thrive each day to your dog's regular food conditions skin & coat, reduces diarrhea, and increases nutrient absorption. 

Sprinkle on food daily. Portions should be as follows:

- Puppies: ¼ tsp/day, adjust portion according to weight
- Adult dogs under 25 lbs: ½ tsp/day
- Dogs 25-85 lbs: 1 tsp/day
- Dogs 85+ lbs: 1½ tsp/day

K9 Stop works in three ways:

- Lowers pH level in the digestive tract to kill the bad bacteria
- Introduces five strains of good bacteria which is resistant to the low pH
- Charcoal absorbs the bad stuff and drags it out of the system

K9 Stop can also be used to introduce good bacteria to a dog's digestive tract after a round of antibiotics.

Have a tube of K9 Stop on hand and be ready for the next time your dog has diarrhea.

Administer half contents of tube to back of dog’s tongue at first sign of diarrhea. 
Give second half of the tube 24 hours later.

 Armored Custom Trailer Beds

Armored Custom Trailer Beds

Macomo Mo' Tough Bed Armor

Have an extreme chewer that has dug their teeth into the armor or would you like to change your current armor? Then add an armor set to your order!  *Drill Needed*

Armor Size
Armor Color


Extra Legs

Our standard height is approximately 7 inches. Elevate your bed to approximately 14 inches with our Extra Tall Bed option. Having a taller bed makes it easier to clean under your bed without having to move it around. Or if you wish to use your trailer beds outside of the trailer when stationary, consider adding legs to keep your dog elevated. 

*4 Legs & Feet Included

Legs Color
Leg Color Selection
Feet Color