Obedience training

We at Macomo Kennels believe in the timeless adage, "Mans Best Friend," but if truth be told, our four legged family members can give us one reason after the other to question their support.

Our Obedience program is open to all dogs and focuses on the issues of Here, Heel, Sit & Stay, Place or Kennel, and Social Manners.

We understand that it will not be us who will ultimately be holding the dog accountable in the home; it will be you. That is why we go to great lengths to educate you - the owner, on how to handle your newly trained dog with effectiveness. Owners will be encouraged to attend at least twice, during the last two weeks of training to learn and execute commands as the leader of the dog/handler team. You will also be provided a detailed training outline to transition the dog correctly back into your home.



  • On-Site, 5 Week Program: Your dog will be introduced to many new concepts, one of which is "being held to standard". The most effective method of ensuring the standard is held, is on-site training. The dog will be consistently expected to focus on the small things, like "who goes out of the door first?" We have found most owners enjoy a small break away from the dog and the dog enjoys an atmosphere of activity. 
  • Realistic Training: We are pet owners, and we know what you expect. Due to the unique layout of our kennels; during the final week and most advanced segment of training, your dog will be 'tested' in a home setting as a check on learning. This also gives you important information as to potential pitfalls your dog might encounter at home.
  • Fair Price: At $20 a day, Team MK will board, train, and provide a daily 25 minute nature walk for your companion. Your pup is going to love it here!  $700 for our 5 week program.

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